Todd Nation was born and raised in South Florida and went to Skidmore college where he graduated in 3 years with a 3.48 gpa just missing honors by .02 . During his 3 years at college he managed to parlay his bar mitzvah money of $8,000 into over $80,000 through the aquistion of a small advertising business which he grew exponentially. During this time he also managed a storage company ,night club and managed a  retirement account of his mother and grandmothers which yielded over $120,000 in gains in a 2 year period.

After graduating early and interviewing at Goldman Sachs he decided that owning his own business would be far better than joining the rat race. By the time Todd was 24 years he was able to turn his purchase of a near bankrupt Subway franchise  into the top performing franchise out of 18,000 locations and  then replicated his success when he build another store. For a period of 6 months or so Mr. Nation owned the top 2 grossing Subways nationwide out of 22,000 locations and his stores performance were only surpassed by a store which Todd  scouted the location and did consulting. Mr. Nation went on to sell his franchises for the highest price  ever been paid and by 28 years of age was a multi-millionaire.

After the sale of both franchises Mr. Nation  developed nearly 70,000 sq. feet of retail shopping centers only to have them stripped from him in the crash of 2008 by nervous bankers and with it, his millions.  Never one to give up Mr. Nation took his depleted savings and consulted with a family friend,MIT Alumnus and former hedge fund owner on stock trading strategies that were used by his fund. Mr. Nation found great success with option  strategies which resulted in double digit returns for several years. After a substantial return was achieved Mr. Nation decided to take his family on a world wide traveling expedition  to central and South American and then to Asia . Settling  for several years on a top tourist destination in South East Asia named Boracay Island where Mr. Nation focused on Kitesurfing and Sailing and raising his young family with his beautiful wife.

Today, Mr. Nation is planning on returning to his home state of Florida to be closer to his Grandmother,father, mother, sister and friends and is once again trading and through encouragement from self made milionaire trader Tim sykes will also be implementing teaching his strategy.


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